Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Children's Museum

Looking up at the Water Clock

Watching the pool balls in their endless motion at the Rube Goldberg Display.
Stella loved Playscape
Water Table fun
Piper loved the museum, and it was extra special because we got to go with Jaxin, Aunt Jeni, Uncle Brian, and Aunt Tabetha.

General Update: January

NAME/ALIAS: AGE: Piper, 3 years 4 months

PSYCHOMOTOR STUFF: Getting better at playing the Wii, likes the Wii Fit game for kids especially. Walked on stilts (cans basically) at the Children’s Museum. She was adamant she wanted to try them, and hopped right on. Even when someone knocked her off, she climbed right back on. I need to make her a pair to play with at home now.

COGNITIVE STUFF: Loves her Leapster Explorer, still argues about everything and debates/explains why she is right and you are wrong.

ACADEMICS: Is doing some workbook type stuff- nothing major, nothing hard. I was surprised at how easy they were, and how many things in them she learned even years ago. She really likes the Cariboo game I picked up for her, but she does try to cheat and figure out where the balls are ahead of time so she can find the right card to get it.

CREATIVE OUTPUT: coloring more inside the lines, and with more focus than before.

EMOTIONAL ISSUES: She is the most stubborn person I know, and she can ignore you like nothing I have ever seen. Everyone comments on the ignoring factor. If she doesn’t want to do something, or if she has her mind made up- she will not look at you, and there is no emotion whatsoever. You are simply not there.


ANYTHING ELSE: Loves her sister dearly. She is so good with her, makes her laugh, plays with her, speaks for her, carries on a conversation with her and then tells me what Stella said. I am enjoying watching them play and learn from each other.