Sunday, February 21, 2010

Princess Mirror Craft Project

Piper received this Melissa and Doug craft kit for Christmas from Uncle Greg and Aunt Rory. We finally got around to doing it today. She thought it was lots of fun and has a blast using the glitter glue. It was very messy though. I was impressed that she kept the glitter off the mirror part and put all the stickers on except for the first one that I did. The finished product is god-awful and garish, but she loves it. When you're two more is more, not less. :)

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Puppy Chow


This is her "Say Cheese!" face.

Tonight we made puppy chow. I had made some last week for work, but I wanted to do it with Piper too. Last week I bought her a chef's outfit at Macy's that I needed her to try out. :) She was very willing to participate and help cook. We practiced our measuring and counting. She still can't rote count, even though she can identify all of her numbers up to 12. She's getting better though.

Here's a link to the puppy chow recipe.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Not as cold this day, and I forgot her hat and extra socks at home. :(
She absolutely had to bring this stick home with us.

We took Piper sledding on Monday and Tuesday. The first park we went to was Garfield Park. It had a good hill to start off with for her. She had a lot of fun, and fell off only once. She didn't even get upset when she got snow in her face. She went down the hill a couple of times by herself, but most of the time she was with Daddy. That night it snowed more, and I had the day off from work for a snow day. This time we went to Paul Ruster Park, after hunting for it for quite some time. It was a taller hill, and even had a small ramp that Erick and her tried out once. It was really cold the second day, and she was bundled up very warm. She never complained about being cold though and loved it every time. Poor Erick had to climb up the hill so many times. Me, I just froze at the bottom. It was enough of a workout to walk to the hill. We met an older couple who were sledding too. They had to be in their 60's, but they were trooping up and down the hill with all the kids. Very inspiring!

Saturday, February 6, 2010


Erick has been wanting to let her do this for a while. They have a station at the mall, and Piper has asked a few times to go as well. Grandma was nervous about her jumping, and was afraid she would get hurt. However, you can hear her in the background laughing hysterically the whole time. Piper had a ball, and thought it was so much fun. I couldn't believe how high she was jumping at times.