Sunday, February 21, 2010

Princess Mirror Craft Project

Piper received this Melissa and Doug craft kit for Christmas from Uncle Greg and Aunt Rory. We finally got around to doing it today. She thought it was lots of fun and has a blast using the glitter glue. It was very messy though. I was impressed that she kept the glitter off the mirror part and put all the stickers on except for the first one that I did. The finished product is god-awful and garish, but she loves it. When you're two more is more, not less. :)


Jeni said...

It may look hideous, but she'll love it because she did it all by herself! :)

Jeni said...

Oh, the slideshow didn't show up when I first read the post. I just had to add that I LOVE the way she says "stickers"...too funny! And that when she added the purple glitter she said it was so perfect. Hahaha