Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The Facination with Shoes

Dear Child,
You have been blessed with a ton of toys and a mountain of books. There are cabinets galore in the kitchen and bathroom for you to explore. Did you notice the fish swimming in the aquarium today, or look out the window at the world below? No? By all means please feel free to play with your parents' shoes, especially the dirty boots your daddy left lying on the living room floor. Maybe next week you'll be excited about your toothbrush. **sigh**


My Kids' Mom said...

My younger son chewed on shoes! We tried substituting a leather wallet and even considered buying the boy a rawhide at the pet store! We had to put all shoes up high or behind closed doors so he wouldn't get to them. Disgusting! Hope she translates her interest in shoes to simply wanting to buy lots of them!

I notice you have AJ's clubhouse and spynotes on your blogroll. Do you know "Harriet"? - a friend of mine- or is it coincidence?

Michelle said...

Nope complete coincidence. I am a teacher of G/T kids and stumbled across her blog one day. It's interesting reading and I check in from time to time.