Sunday, May 3, 2009


I'm almost scared to write this for fear of jinxing myself. Actually I'm not even sure how we got to this point. The child who used to fight me to go to sleep, is now a dream and model toddler to put to bed at night. We are still nursing, but I think she is close to weaning. I have been able to put her in her bed still awake the last three nights. Tonight she didn't cry at all when I laid her down. The first time I tried it earlier this week, I was just so tired and I couldn't get her to go to sleep the usual ways. She cried, but wasn't hysterical like she had been in the past. The second time I tried it, I sat on the floor next to the crib for about 10 minutes and she laid down and cried but ultimately stopped and went to sleep. We had a couple of regular nights, and then I tried putting her down awake again two nights ago. I sing "You Are My Sunshine" and lay her down. She cried for just a second both nights until tonight. I still am in disbelief that she goes to bed so easily now. My next goal is to get her to bed earlier. I am going to try it a little earlier every night.


Jeni said...

Yay! Good luck with getting her to bed earlier. You're right, if you do it a little earlier each night, she'll soon be in bed by 8! I need to start working with Jaxin (he still sleeps w/ us). He'll day down in his bed by himself, but never stays there. I gave up for a while, but now I need to really try harder (especially since we're working on potty training--so that once he's potty trained if he has an accident it won't be as hard to clean up if he's in his own bed!) said...

That is awesome.

I really wish that happens soon for us. My little one screams and refuses to go to bed.

Oh I wanted to invite ya to a message board for moms