Monday, October 12, 2009

Pumpkin Patch

Piper visited the pumpkin patch and farm for the very first time this weekend. She loved picking up nearly every single pumpkin in the patch before choosing a couple to take home. They had several activities for the kids to do. There were some inflatable bounce units, and true to form, she managed to make another kid twice her size cry, as she does every time we go to Monkey Joe's. I swear she picks on the weak, as she really barely touched him, but I don't know how to break her of this bullying. She also got to ride a pony and get her face painted.
They also had two corn mazes and a hay tunnel maze that I refused to go in. :) The maze was way too easy though, and I was hoping for more of a challenge. Piper loved the hayride and climbing the hay mountain. I think she liked kicking and throwing the hay into the air mostly.
There was a mechanical dinosaur that chomped on pumpkins. She was bored with it after a minute, but I was happy that the sound effects did not scare her. She still has a hard time with loud noises like thunder or firecrackers.
She loved the animals of course and thought it was great fun to feed the goats. They had an exhibit there for rescue dogs also, and she kept running back to it to pet all the doggies. Imagine that!
By the end of the day she was so tired and a little grumpy, having missed her nap. She was determined she was going to ride the tricycles even though they were too big for her. Mommy was way to tired to push her around too, so she reverted to pushing herself with her feet which barely touched the ground.

To see all the pictures, please watch the slideshow at the top of my blog.

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Jeni said...

Looks like she had a ton of fun! I love the pic of her holding the pumpkin! Too bad she wasn't smiling in the last pic w/ the two of you, cuz you look good in it!