Wednesday, November 4, 2009

General Update: November

Age(in months, or years and months): almost 26 months

Physical abilities: jumping off higher objects to the ground, helping with chores such as putting silverware away, making her bed, more laundry help, spontaneous cleaning, etc

Speech/language: vocabulary, sentence length, etc: still talking non-stop in 5+ word sentences. Adds words to the end of her sentences correctly such as: again, too, now. Finally saying “thanks” correctly instead of “your welcome” Is very polite and says “please” all the time without prompting now.

Reading/pre-reading: continues to love her books and can be rather demanding in the car when she wants to read. I have a bag of books tied around the back of my seat, but she still can’t reach them from her car seat. I used to just give her a couple books when I strapped her in, but she is reading through them so fast that she needs more to sustain her. Now she yells at us to give her more books while I’m driving. “Mommy, three more books please, NOW!” She is starting to recognize the humor in stories better. She loves the David Shannon books like “No David!” and also the Bad Kitty ABC booksNumber stuff: no change

Other cognitive stuff: puzzles, reasoning, etc not sure if this goes here…but has started responding to the t.v. as she has become more exposed to it recently. She is infatuated with Dora now, so not only am I watching Dora, but reading tons of Dora books. We watch mostly Nick Jr (used to be Noggin) because there are no commercials. She loves the little puzzles and songs in between the cartoons. and is going up to touch the screen on the right answer or talking to the t.v. about what just happened.

Creativity: this was the month all about play-doh, although she still loves to paint. We do play-doh at least twice a day, and boy am I tired of it.

Imagination: big increase in pretend play with cooking food and serving us things to eat. Is very attached to her dolls and stuffed animals.

Social: did great trick or treating and did not bother the other kids. Was polite and said thank you (usually) when she got candy.

Character/personality: very loving this month and has been initiating hugs and kisses with us. Kisses the baby in my belly, although I think she is clueless about what it means. She is also very empathetic towards the characters in her books and has been giving them kisses when they get in trouble or look sad.

School Updates: n/a

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