Tuesday, January 5, 2010

2009 Year in Review

My baby grew up in 2009 and now she doesn't even seem to be so little any more. In fact she will tell you she's a person. Here is her year in review.

1. She learned to jump off the couch and how to scare me to death.
2. She enjoyed playing with her MegaBlocks
3. She could string one inch beads and buttons on a lacing string.
4. Nods her head correctly and consistently
5. Sorting by color and shape
6. Discovered t.v.

1. Identifies most pictures in books by name
2. Chips front tooth.
3. Develops dislike of all meat except chicken nuggets.
4. Can identify all body parts on self and many on a doll.

1. Begins drawing circles
2. Counts 1-2-3 on her fingers
3. Adept at using iPhone even better than some adults
4. Walks up stairs without holding on
5. Visits Monkey Joes for the first time
6. Stayed overnight for the first time at Grandma's house.

1. Opens doorknobs.
2. Climbs ladders
3. Doubled speaking vocabulary and says "please"
4. Requests books by title.
5. Rides her tricycle
6. Really into her artwork this month

1. jumps with both feet off ground
2. climbs the curved ladders at park
3. noticeable increase in vocabulary and sentence length
4. we went to Indy 500 Kid's Day on the Circle

1. estimated 500 words speaking vocabulary
2. really into creating art this month and choosing her own colors
3. fear of bees begins along with obsession with insects and rocks
4. weaned from nursing

1. learns to somersault
2. watched fireworks and is scared of the loud noise but fascinated by the display
3. visits my sister and family in PA. Goes to Dutch Wonderland, the Crayola Factory, and the
Philly Children's Museum
4. visits the Marion County Fair
5. eats/plays at Incredible Pizza for the first time

1. State Fair visit and holds a butterfly
2. another visit from my sister and Jaxin
3. Mommy went back to work

1. turns 2 and has her birthday party at Holiday Park
2. can slide down a fireman pole and pumps her legs on a regular swing
3. more abstract language, added colors, shapes, emotions, adjectives
4. starting to call herself by name
5. is a bully and aggressive to other kids, even bigger ones

1. goes to the pumpkin patch for the first time
2. goes trunk or treat & trick or treating as Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz
3. perfects her frisbee throw
4. huge reading spurt and interest in books. Wants to be read to constantly

1. begining to recognize humor in stories and on t.v.
2. more empathetic towards others
3. Thanksgiving at the grandparents' house


1. living with grandparents and mom/dad altogether
2. moved into a new apartment
3. beginning of bossy behavior
4. huge leaps in imagination and pretend play
5. discovers Santa and singing


Anonymous said...
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Jeni said...

I can't believe how different she looks now. She's all grown up. :)