Monday, November 8, 2010

General Update

NAME/ALIAS: AGE: Piper, 3 years 2months

PSYCHOMOTOR STUFF: getting better at really using a hula hoop now, tries to dribble a ball (hands)

COGNITIVE STUFF: She is big into arguing her point now, and is very logical about it too- not the typical arguing tantrum type stuff she has done for months. Her language is much more rich and complex and expressive. Sometimes I am just amazed at how she speaks- and the things that come out of her mouth in her baby sounding voice.

ACADEMICS: Last night we went out to dinner and she entertained herself with the sugar packets: making patterns and counting them. She is really into counting everything right now and has great one to one correspondence. The teens mess her up, and as long as it took her to count to 12, it might be ages before she gets to 20 correctly. She continues to be fascinated with the moon, and we talked more about it last night since it was a crescent moon. At dinner she told us that our lemons were crescents- apparently her word of the day. She pointed out the stars in the sky and argued with us about whether one was an airplane, a star, or a planet. Self-sufficient on the computer with general use. Can use Word and Paint. plus several software programs like KidPix and JumpStart. Opens and closes programs with ease, prints, and shuts down computer.

CREATIVE OUTPUT: Lots of building of forts, tents, houses: out of pillows, couch cushions, blankets, and other misc. materials. She has very elaborate plans and gets upset when we make her clean up. Poor Stella is picked up and carried to these areas and forced to play. :) She has also been rewriting songs that she knows with new lyrics. I was impressed that the meter and rhythm still matched the original tune.

EMOTIONAL ISSUES: Again, very argumentative, usually age appropriate when tired or hungry, but often just to be silly or sarcastic. Is completely logical and uses reasoning with her debating. She’s loud! I guess in general we are a loud family, but it really comes to light watching her. Will not sleep in her own bed. We have finally got her out of our bed and sleeping in a chair/ottoman combo in our bedroom. Is embarrassed about performing still- will NOT perform if asked. I caught her waltzing the other day with her stuffed dog and she immediately stopped and hid when I looked at her.


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