Thursday, June 7, 2012

Ice Eggs

There's nothing like summer vacation to give me all the time in the world to try out more  Pinterest ideas.  Today was no exception.  I made ice eggs for the girls, inspired by this post

They turned out just as they promised.  It was a little difficult getting the toys into the balloons, but it was well worth the effort. I think next time we might have to use smaller toys.  I just dug these out of the kids' tubs and did the best I could.

Stella had so much fun playing with the ice eggs before the big kids ever noticed them.  She especially loved the star confetti that was inside the eggs.  I need to figure out how to make the items distribute a bit more evenly next time though.

And yes, there will be a next time.  They loved it, and it was great for a hot summer day.

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