Tuesday, May 28, 2013

My Daughter the Self-Dresser


The above is an article written by a former student's parent.  I can totally relate.  You see I too have a self-dresser.

Piper was the child who had an organizer in her closet.  Each week I would pick out a set of outfits that included matching accessories. She kept them clean for the most part, and she looked cute.  Stella still looks cute, but she is more likely to drip an ice cream cone down the front of her shirt, or get
grass stains on her knees.  To complicate matters, Stella doesn't wear anything I pick out.  She has her own agenda.  One that typically includes a change of outfit every twenty minutes. Her preferred look is layers, lots of them.  As in, maybe she should wear three poofy skirts at one time, a couple 
different shirts, and a pair of cowboy boots.  Now before you get the wrong idea, she is actually pretty good at coordinating her outfits.  She figures out what colors go together, will match themes like holiday outfits, and so on.  As I said in my email to the mom who wrote this article, Piper plays with dress up clothes, but Stella lives in them.  She is my creative, free spirited, overly dramatic, and sensitive child.

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