Saturday, July 19, 2008

At the County Fair

Even though yesterday was a sweltering 90 degrees outside, we spent a few hours at the county fair. I guess we should have waited a couple more days since most of the animals were not even there yet, and that was most what we wanted to take Piper to go see. Still she was able to pet some and had fun seeing all the people and sights. We watched the human cannonball as he flew over one of the rides into net. We played a couple games, the classic duck pull-Piper liked that one, and the mouse game where the poor animal runs into a color hole.

Typically we sampled the calorie laden fair food. Erick ate gyros and I had a beef brisket sandwich and an elephant ear. They were a lot better when I was a kid. I guess I like mine crispy not doughy. Piper had a bite, but I wasn't going to let her gorge herself on it. I had Cheerios for her stashed away anyway. I wanted corn on the cob, but it didn't look that great. Maybe I'll find some at the state fair.

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