Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Ten Months

Went to the mall yesterday to pick up Piper's 10 month pictures. They were out to lunch so we hung out to wait for them to return. I thought they turned out fairly well. I saw one of my former students and her mom there. They were excited to see me and Piper. I miss that year's class, they were a really good group.

We went to the food court to waste some time and get a snack. Erick took her into the play area to see what she thought about it. She was the smallest one in there, it was cute seeing her standing up holding on to the caterpillar toy and crawling through it. I thought it was interesting that as soon as she arrived, Erick set her down on the floor, and within a few seconds she was surrounded by all these other kids who were very into her. I thought, "Wow that must be what it's like to be famous." I guess it was because she's still a baby. There was another little boy there who looked to be a few months older than her. He was adorable toddling around, and would give up at times and just crawl to get where he was going faster. It's hard to believe that Piper will be walking soon too.

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