Sunday, October 5, 2008

An Eating Machine

I couldn't believe that my little funky munky slept for 12 straight hours last night. I'm used to waking up and feeding her in the middle of the night a couple times per week. Usually she will at least wake me up early- no later than 7am. Amazingly, she slept so well last night, and then when she got up she was ravenous. I nursed her and then as I was making breakfast she got in the refrigerator and got out her sippy cup of milk and drank it too. I've been keeping it on the bottom shelf for her so that she'll grab it and not one of the other items in there. So she drinks all of it and then is demanding more to eat. I wasn't ready with breakfast yet, so I microwaved two waffles from the freezer. She gobbled those up and then ate three pieces of bacon. She ate another waffle that I made for breakfast and another piece of bacon her daddy gave her. Oh, she also drank a cup of water too. Growth spurt? I don't know. I just hope she sleeps as well tonight.

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