Saturday, October 11, 2008

Stacking Blocks

Piper has learned how to stack blocks. She started with some smaller plastic ones, but we only had four of those. I got out some cardboard ones this morning and she has stacked five so far. In this video the stack was higher than she was and she hadn't figured out that she needed to stand up to stack more. Later on she did discover that she could stand up and stack them. I'm not sure if the weight of these blocks is making it harder to stack since they are a lot lighter than the plastic ones. They are also a lot bigger, but she seems to be doing fine in picking them up. She definitely loves knocking them down too.

Lately she's been really obsessed with her nesting cups too, although she hasn't expressed any interest in stacking them. She will sit for 20 minutes or so putting them inside each other and taking them out. Her concentation amazes me sometimes. She can sit and look at her books for 30 minutes at a time. She's very self reliant and independent.

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