Tuesday, December 30, 2008

2008: A Look Back

Here is Piper's year in review for 2008. I can't believe how much she has grown, from 3 months to 15 months. She has turned into her own little unique person with her own personality and opinions. She is definitely not my little baby anymore, and I kinda miss that.


Tabetha -n- Brian said...

Piper will always be your little baby! :)

I love the slide show. It is great to see how much she has changed over the year. I wish Brian and I could have been there for more of it. I hope we can be a part of her life in 2009 than we were in 2008.

Happy New Year and I can't wait to see you both on New Year's Day!

Jeni said...

I know I've been following your blog nearly since you started it, but for some reason, watching this particular slide show I cried. It made me think about how much I've missed out on. Piper & Jaxin aren't babies anymore and we've missed out on that so much. I hate it. I wish I wouldn't have had to move out here and that we could have seen each other more often. I can't wait to come home and visit! By then, Piper will be nearly 2! Well, have a safe and Happy New Year! I love and miss you guys very much!!!