Thursday, January 1, 2009

2008: A Year of Firsts

If you click on the month titles, you can view the blog from that month. Here are some of the highlights of my year.

January I started the year weighing 14lbs and was 26 inches long. I am 3 months old. I love to watch the fish swim back and forth in the aquarium. I love my ducky wire rattle.

February I started eating solids this month and love my cereal and fruit. I also got a convertible carseat this month. I love snuggling with my funky munky toy and my orange and blue rattle.

March I am finally going to bed by 10pm now and taking two naps per day. I am now drinking one bottle of formula on most days although I am still nursing. I have two bottom teeth and love my Elmo puppet and sun toy. I went to my cousin's 6th birthday party.

April I like to yell and bang toys, can army crawl and sit up very well. I like to watch the raccoon in our backyard. My favorite toy this month is my xylophone.

May We had a 5.2 earthquake, but I slept right through it. I like to eat all the time. I have discovered big kids and that they are fun to watch and play with. I can wave bye-bye and crawl now. Mommy and Daddy got a new car and we also went to the hospital to see my new twin cousins. I like to empy boxes and bowls that Mommy fills up for me. I went swimming for the first time. I know how to clap now too.

June Mommy is off work now for the summer and gets to spend lots of time with me. I can stand up now and can cruise along the couch. I am scared of the vaccuum cleaner. We went to the zoo where I saw lots of animals, and I go swimming almost every day.

July I am eating mostly regular food, but still try baby food occasionally. I watched the fireworks on the 4th of July. I like to stand up alone now and can crawl up the stairs.My favorite books are lift the flap stories.

August We moved into a new apartment at the beginning of this month. I can walk by myself well now. We went to the county fair and to the zoo again. I am fascinated by dogs. Everything is a dog to me though. I try to steal the remote control all the time even though I don't watch t.v. I also really like mommy and daddy's phones. I start going back to grandma's house while mommy and daddy are at work.

September I turned one. I got to finger paint and use markers with mommy. I like to help with the laundry. I love to dance and have several different moves. I can say a few words now. I can also walk backwards.

October I stacked 7 blocks this month and like to feed myself with a spoon. I can go down the stairs by myself and also get off the couch and bed alone. I think it's great fun to spin around in circles until I fall down laughing. I went to a couple of Obama rallies. I enjoyed playing at Great Times and Chuck E Cheese. For Halloween I dressed up like a ladybug and went to the ZooBoo. I like to feed my dolly and push her around on my car. I really like to throw balls. I love to brush my teeth.

November I said my first sentence this month and learned some new words. I am learning my body parts and trying to do 9 piece peg puzzles. I really like my mommy to read me lots of books. I am such a daredevil and try to climb all over everything. I love to do art and especially like play doh even if mommy won't let me eat it. I went to go vote with mommy.

December I got lots of presents for Christmas, and I really like playing with my play kitchen. I can do 9 piece peg puzzles by myself. I enjoy giving real kisses to people, animals, and pictures of animals in books. I said goodbye to the bottle. I discovered t.v. much to mommy's dismay. I can walkup stairs and hold on to the wall or railing. I knows how much "one" is and point to the numbers in books when mommy counts.

Over the year...I ended the year weighing 24.4 lbs and being 33 inches in length. I am wearing 18 month clothing and size 5 shoes. I still nurse in the morning and evenings, but I drink milk from my sippy cup the rest of the time. I now have 16 teeth. I am 15 months old and can't wait to see what new adventures I'll have in 2009.


Tabetha -n- Brian said...

She has done so much! I can't wait to see what she has in store for us this year! :)

Sophie said...

What a great way to blog her year! Just think what she'll be doing this time next year!

mick said...

Oh, wow...such huge changes over such a short year!