Saturday, January 17, 2009

Favorite Books at 16 months

Here are some of Piper's favorite books. Some of these I have read so many times I have them memorized. I'm sure I will have more, but this is just a preview.

This book has large vibrant pictures of one animal per page. She loves to look at this book and say the animal names she knows and ask me what the other ones are.

One of my colleagues bought her a Sesame Street set of four books for her first birthday. She loves these books, along with the one for body parts. Maybe that's how she learned where some many things are located on her body.

This book has been a favorite for many many months. I can remember singing her this song when she was only a couple months old. It always makes her smile. Problem is, that it is paperback and I've had to tape a couple of pages that she ripped when she was younger. Fortunately she isn't doing that anymore and takes pretty good care of her stories.

This is a very fun and interactive book with lots of flaps and things to find. She really likes looking for the animals that are hiding.

She also loves this simple book with flaps to lift. Finding Maisy at the end of the book is always fun.

Another Maisy book that is tactile. She does a good job pointing to the numbers as I count.

You have to love Dr. Seuss' nonsensical rhyme and rhythm, even when you read it a dozen times a day.

This is one of the newest books I have bought for her, and she thinks it is great that there are so many animals in it. On every page there are hidden animals and you open up a new page to find them peeking out at you. Piper likes to pretend she doesn't know where they are and asks me to find them

Tails is a fun
book filled with flaps and levers, tactile pages that are fun to touch, and surprises on every page. No wonder it keeps
Piper occupied.

Remember scratch and sniff stickers? That's what this book reminds me of. We are still working on smelling without licking and tasting. Hey if I were one, I'd probably try to eat the book too if it smelled like food.

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