Thursday, January 15, 2009

General Update January

Age (in months, or years and months): 16 months

Physical abilities: has learned to jump off the couch, can thread buttons and beads (1 inch) onto a lacing string, better at trying to ride her tricycle- can pedal when I push it and stay in sync, but isn’t strong enough yet to pedal independently, climbing everything still. She climbed up her highchair the other day onto the counter so she could get the phone on the wall at grandma’s house. Enjoys her bounce and spin pony (especially standing up on it and trying to bounce… eek!)

Speech/language: vocabulary, sentence length, etc: about 30 words currently, 1-2 word sentences. She’s really hard to understand though. I think she has more words but I just can’t recognize them completely.

Reading/pre-reading: knows a couple of letters and tries to sing the abc song, loves to read books to herself and demands that we read to her multiple times every day. She really likes the Leapfrog letter fridge magnet set she got for Christmas.

Number stuff: knows one and can show you on her fingers how many one is, points to the numbers in her book when I count them. She sounds like she’s counting when she points to the numbers in one of her books. It sounds the same every time, BUT it doesn’t sound like the actual number words.

Other cognitive stuff: really into her megabloks now, building towers and taking them apart. Can recognize triangle, circle, rectangle, square and the color red, good at doing her peg puzzles and did a new one she got for Christmas on the first try. Starting to sort by color and shape- she really likes circles.

Creativity: starting to draw with more meaningful strokes, not just back and forth scribbling, also beginning to draw in a more circular motion, wants to do “art” all the time now, and gets mad when she has to stop. Loves listening to music and will often stop whatever she is doing to sway her head to any music she hears even for just a second. Her dancing is now mostly stomping and alternating feet.

Imagination: loves her play kitchen and cooks for us and her stuffed animals, likes to make us laugh by doing silly things like wearing her pants on her head or trying to give the dog her phone to listen to. Likes to look at things upside down.

Social: overwhelmed when around a lot of other kids, but plays okay one on one. This is an area she needs more time with as she is still not around other kids much.

Character/personality: independent and focused, does not want to be coddled, happy and silly
Anything else/other: She’s discovered t.v. in the last month and loves to watch Blues Clues, Clifford, and a nursery rhyme dvd I checked out from the library. She doesn’t care about any adult programming or some kids stuff. I’m trying to limit what she’s watching.

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Jeni said...

You're so great at keeping track of everything she does. I used to keep up w/ things when I would write in Jaxin's baby book for the first year but have slacked off recently. He gets mad too whenever I make him stop during art time! Piper's doing great for her age! Lil Miss Smarty-Pants!