Tuesday, January 13, 2009

If I hear that song one more time...

Know how you get songs stuck in your head? How about really annoying ones that your children love to repeat over and over? I thought the Fisher Price toy that Munky got for Christmas last year was awful. I think it's finally out of my head now, and I"m trying really hard not to remember how it goes now that I'm talking about it. This year's painfully hard song is the Fridge Magnets song for the Leapfrog letters. "A says ay, and A says aaa. Every letter makes a sound, A says ay and aaa. " Argh! It's not like it changes a whole lot for any of the other letters either. I'm starting to think that maybe she doesn't need to learn her letters this way. Even Cookie Monster's "C is for Cookie" is less bothersome.

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