Friday, July 2, 2010


Today Piper finally achieved her long awaited dream to ride a roller coaster. It was really
cheesy, and I think she would like a bigger one better. At first she was upset because she did not want to ride it herself, so Erick got on with her and she had a great time.

She loved all of the other rides, especially the Tilt-a-Whirl. She rode it once with Mommy and once with Daddy. Apparently we are getting old since we both felt sick after riding it.

On the scrambler with Daddy
She threw a fit because she wanted to ride one of the bigger rides, and I was surprised they let her on it. She thought it was a train because it had a train whistle and played music. Of course she loved every minute. She would have ridden more rides but she was too small for some of them, plus it was expensive since we had to ride with her on most of them. They wouldn't let her
on the pirate ship because she was an inch too short.

This is the one kiddie ride that she rode by herself. It just flew in a circle up in the air.

On the Ferris Wheel with Mommy. We rode with some older kids and she was cracking them up talking the whole time.

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