Saturday, July 3, 2010

General Update

Age (in months, or years and months): almost 34 months

Physical abilities: As I suspected she is perfectly capable of pedaling her bikes, she was just being stubborn. She does it all the time inside on the carpet, but refuses to do it outside, for me at least. It’s ten times harder on the carpet, but whatever. She’s getting really good on the monkey bars and I am barely holding on now. She’s just lacking a bit of upper body strength. She is very close to writing her first name independently.

Speech/language: vocabulary, sentence length, etc: increasingly complex

Reading/pre-reading: We’ve been reading more this month and I signed her up for the summer reading program at the library. This is her third year at it and we always get some good prizes at the end, especially more books. She got her first library card this week and was so excited. My goal is to start taking her to the story time once a week. On another note, I am dreadfully tired of “Word World” and “ Letter Factory” She knows quite a few letter sounds now, and tells me things like “P is for Piper, and pirate.“ She made me laugh this week when she tried to read one of Erick’s books. She told me that his book had lots of words but no pictures and her books had lots of pictures but not as many words. She then proceeded to “read” his book by pointing to the letters and singing her ABC’s.

Number stuff: nothing new except she has been focusing more on ordinal numbers: first, second, third, She is starting to really like the Umizoomi cartoon and I think it may help her with math. She loves to answer Dora when they ask addition and subtraction questions, and usually is right.

Creativity: not as much drawing lately, more writing of letters especially her name. She still draws people from time to time, and the occasional object like a rainbow, snake, boats, etc. I noticed her figure out how to draw water by adding waves underneath her boat. Today she was drawing a seahorse who lived in the river, and then wanted to argue with me about it.

Imagination: has added more voices to her imaginary repertoire. I love her evil laugh!

Social: very social with kids, initiates conversations with them. She made a new friend at the park, and I think I did too. (Why is it so hard to makes new friends as an adult?) Piper still tends to be aggressive towards other though in her play.

Character/personality: Has two personalities at times. She can be sweet, thoughtful, and helpful one moment, and the next be screaming and whining. Again, food and rest play a major part. She will not nap anymore even though she really needs it.

School Updates: n/a

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