Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Rain and Hail

Broken windows and flooded streets were the result of yesterday's afternoon storm. I was at school and drove through the water logged streets to get home, even after the rain stopped. The hail measured over three inches in diameter, breaking business, home, and car windows alike. Erick and Piper had gone to go swimming, but didn't make it into the pool before the lightning started. So when I went to pick them up, they had made their own pool of sorts using the flooded street and parking lot. Yes that's my darling daughter in the muck and leaves stomping through the water. At least she had shoes on. She had fun, and we took a bath immediately when we got home. You can see how deep the water was in the video, but the hail had been sitting a while in the heat and was not as big and scary as it had been coming down.

Here is one picture I found online of the hail from the storm. I copied it from the WISH tv website and it was taken by Mark Henz of Fishers. Almost 4 inches!

Here is some of the video I took of Piper playing.

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