Monday, June 1, 2009


So the new Gymboree line is out, and this time it is watermelons. Yesterday was the start of the Fill a Bag Sale and you could even use a coupon on top of the discount. It added up to 44% off the total. I got some new Watermelon Picnic items and a whole bunch of old lines too. I bought Piper 6 pairs of sunglasses since she loves to wear them so much. Now she has one to match almost every single line. I believe I'm just missing one from this year. I think the salelady thought I was nuts though, but hey they were sooo cheap. Two of the pairs only cost me 24 cents each. Come on, you have to admit she is adorable!


~Emily~ said...

Soooo cute!!!

RheLynn said...

Very cute watermellon dress :) I absolutely could not get Esme to wear sunglasses or a hat, so WOW. She looks so grown up like that, too ;)