Sunday, June 28, 2009


We hung out at the pool most of today and swam, played volleyball, and grilled out. Ugh...too much sun for me, but I think Piper had fun and I don't think she got burnt like Erick an I did. She loved the watermelon and ate probably 3/4 of the baby melon we got at the store. And, she actually ate a hotdog tonight as well. Not that a hotdog is an accomplishment or anything, but she tried something new. I could tell she was perplexed by the name though. I told her it was a hotdog, and she knows not to eat anything that is hot or she might get burned. But it wasn't hot and I know she was confused. I think she thought she was eating dog too. :)


Tabetha said...

She looks so cute in her little swimsuit and sunglasses! Just adorable. And the thing about the hotdog confusing her cracked me up!

I'm glad you like my new layout. It took me a while to find one that I really liked. :)

Meg said...

How cute! She looks like she's ready to flag down the cabana boy :)