Saturday, April 3, 2010

Egg Hunt

We took the girls to grandma's church for an Easter Egg Hunt. I was disappointed that it was rainy and we had to do it indoors. Piper had a great time collecting her eggs and mangaged to fill her basket until it was overflowing. She received so much candy that I'll probably have to throw most of it away or else she'll have rotten teeth. She did not win the special prize, because Mommy stupidly gave the egg away to someone else that had the ticket in it. Oh well, she still had a great time. She was very cute during the lesson too and kept raising her hand like the other kids even though she had no clue how to answer the preacher's questions. Thankfully he didn't call on her. She loved playing with the other kids and running around on the stage. Most of the time there was this little boy who was chasing her trying to grab her wings. I'm happy that she is finally at the point where she enjoys playing with other children.

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RheLynn said...

Great job Piper! What a whole lot of eggs!