Friday, April 2, 2010

General Update April

Age (in months, or years and months): almost 31 months

Physical abilities: Is doing better at jumping over objects and is also trying to jump rope. Has been very interested in using scissors this month and is actually doing quite well with them. Mostly doing small cuts and not long ones yet. Discovered the corkscrew apparatus at the playground and enjoys twisting around it from top to bottom.

Speech/language: vocabulary, sentence length, etc: The girl talks non-stop and is driving us all crazy. She narrates to herself all the time, as well as demanding our attention and acknowledgment when she is speaking. Vocabulary use this month includes: terrible, exquisite, and interesting. She now declares certain things as her “favorite” now, and her new catch phrase is “Let me share that with you” as in I have something she wants and now I have to share with her. I’ve heard several Spanish and Chinese words this month also, and she obviously memorized certain vocab from t.v. and her Dora books such as “sigue” “vamonos” and “abre”

Reading/pre-reading: nothing new, still reads tons of books and enjoys “reading” to the baby. If I have to read Snow White and the Seven Dwarves one more time I might go insane though.

Number stuff: I am starting to hear more correct rote counting 1-5, although it is still hit and miss. She has a new sudden increased interest in money and knows all the coin names, although she does mix them up at times.

Other cognitive stuff: puzzles, reasoning, etc: Is making connections between everything, especially if it relates to something she has seen on Dora. Another catch phrase is “that’s just like…” She told me the other day that I must have taken a shower while she was at the playground because my hair was wet. We have begun attempting some very simple mazes and thinking skill type activities such as looking at a picture and trying to decide what’s wrong with it or what’s missing?

Creativity: Has started drawing tadpole people this month, and carries around this little notebook she loves to write and draw in. Still prefers pens to other mediums right now. Cuts out snowflakes using her scissors and attempts to fold paper into airplanes with limited success.

Imagination: Still very involved in pretend play

Social: I’m seeing more interactive play with other kids. Likes to play tag- her version of running around and screaming “you can‘t catch me!”. Declares other to be her “best friend” and this changes by the minute and often includes me

Character/personality: Has adapted well to the arrival of Stella at the beginning of the month. Was a little whiny at times, but is doing better. Still figuring out her new role and position in the family. She is working out how far she can push us and whether or not I will get up to discipline her while nursing. Definitely pushing her boundaries to see how far she can go. I’m seeing arguing from her lately rather than compliance and following directions. We are working on expressing our emotions, and she can be so funny at times. She told me at the store the other day with such expression in voice and body “I am NOT happy Mommy!” The lady behind us was cracking up. I feel like she has grown up sooo much this month, even more than I thought It doesn’t help that I get weekly comments from people who think she is at least 4 years old. On a positive note she is pretty much potty trained now and has not regressed yet.

School Updates: n/a

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