Wednesday, November 12, 2008

In Loving Memory of Katie

Sadly, one of my students lost her little sister to a drowning last Friday. Death is always hard for me to deal with no matter the circumstances. But this one is especially hard knowing she was just four years old. So in honor of Katie and her parents, here are some poems that touched me. And, they are in pink because that was Katie's favorite color.

The saddest word, goodbye
When God calls our children

to dwell with Him above,
We mortals sometimes question
the wisdon of His love.
For no heartache compares with,
the death of one small child.
Who does so much to make our world,
seem so wonderful and mild.
Perhaps God tires of calling
the aged to His fold.
So He picks a rosebud
before it can grow old.
God knows how much we need them,
and so He takes but few.
To make the land of heaven
more beautiful to view.
Believing this is difficult
still somehow we must try.
The saddest word mankind knows
will always be Good-bye.
So when a little child departs,
we who are left behind,
Must realize God loves children.
Angels Are Hard To Find!!
-Author unknown

Grief Is Like A Jigsaw Puzzle
by Victoria Guthrie, Tampa, FL, Brief Encounters, 6-98

Grief is a smorgasbord where you do down the line picking a little of this and a little of that.

Grief is like a jigsaw puzzle, some people get all the edge pieces together first and work from the outside in. Others dump everything out on the table at once and dive right into the middle. Some never open the box at all, they just look at the picture on the lid and wonder why what's inside doesn't match or make sense.

You meet a lot of people when you start a jigsaw puzzle. Some are full of advice, or they may try to make the puzzle look the way it ought to be instead of the way it is.

But, once in a while, you meet someone who shares their own finished puzzle and helps you make sense of yours. Then you find it is not as hard as before. Some of the pieces fit together more easily, and you sigh with relief....and remember.

Just For Today - For Bereaved Parents
Just for today I will try to live through the next 24 hoursand not expect to get over my child's death,but instead learn to live with it, just one day at a time.

Just for today I will remember my child's life, not just her death,and bask in the comfort of all those treasured daysand moments we shared.

Just for today I will forgive all the family and friendswho didn't help or comfort me the way I needed them to.They truly did not know how.

Just for today I will smile no matter how much I hurt on the inside,for maybe if I smile a little,my heart will soften and I will begin to heal.

Just for today I will reach out to comfort a relative or friend of my child,for they are hurting too,and perhaps we can help each other.

Just for today I will free myself from my self-inflicted burden of guilt,for deep in my heart I know if there was anything in this world I could of done to save my child from death, I would of done it.

Just for today I will honor my child's memoryby doing something with another child because I know that would make my own child proud.

Just for today I will offer my hand in friendshipto another bereaved parentfor I do know how they feel.

Just for today when my heart feels like breaking,I will stop and remember that grief is the price we pay for loving and the only reason I hurt is becauseI had the privilege of loving so much.

Just for today I will not compare myself with others.I am fortunate to be who I am and have had my child for as long as I did.

Just for today I will allow myself to be happy,for I know that I am not deserting her by living on.

Just for today I will accept that I did not die when my child did,my life did go on,and I am the only one who can make that life worthwhile once more.
-Vicki Tushingham

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