Saturday, November 8, 2008

My First Trip to the Library

Someone fell asleep in the car and wouldn't even wake up when we went inside the library. I picked out a couple of books for me, and she finally woke up. She was in awe of the kids section and the stuffed animals that were all over the place. I gave her a Bambi animal and she carried it for the rest of the trip until we checked out. There weren't too many other kids there, but as usual Piper was very interested in them. We picked out a couple books and read two more books while we were there. She was a semi-interested in a dinosaur puzzle, but was being a little loud so I put it back.
The library was having a read aloud program featuring Eric Carle for the month of November, and we got a free tote bag, sidewalk chalk, stickers, and poster to chart our reading progress. We also checked out a baby bunny bag while we were there that has about a dozen books just for babies and toddlers.

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