Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Art Observations

She is starting to get so particular about things. She wants to do everything by herself now and is increasingly more independent every day. She has to feed herself and eat what and when she wants to eat. Heaven forbid I want to hold her drink for her when she drinks out of a straw. It has to be her way all the time.

Tonight we were doing art at her insistence. She drug the art bin out from beside her table and threw a fit when she couldn't get the lid off by herself. I'd show her how to open it, but I really don't want her getting into the paint on her own. Hopefully she won't try too hard to figure it out.

First we played with the playdoh and she had fun stamping it and squishing it on the table. That lasted for about ten minuted before she decided to take a bite. My rule is that it goes back into the container if she eats it. So it was now gone. She didn't care. She had a big satisfied grin on her face. It must have been yummy. Yuck!

Next we did chalk drawings, and she spent more time carefully putting the chalk back into the container. It had to be perfectly lined up and all facing the same direction. The pieces were all different sizes, but she painstakingly made sure they all fit in the box the exact same way. Then we had to add Stick Stix to her creation. She loves those things so much. She enjoys taking the lids on and off. I was trying to help her hold it the right way, and again she was not having it. It had to be her way or nothing. We did a couple of lines and mostly circular scribbling tonight. Oh, and lots of dots.

As usual, she was not thrilled when art time was over, but she didn't protest too loudly this time. We didn't have much in the way of a final product, but I think today was more about the process anyway.

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