Friday, February 13, 2009

Sorting Toy and a Bonus

This video was supposed to just document Piper's sorting abilities, but it turned out to be more than that. First off, she did well sorting the different shapes and placing them on the stacking toy. We have yet to even talk about sorting by size as well as shape, but I thought that one attribute was enough for now. She will probably have it figured out in the next week anyway.

The bonus to this video, is that I finally caught her making her "potty" sign, and that she did it spontaneously without me saying anything. YAY! She knows what it means, and I hope this is another step towards potty training. Then last night, you all knowing what a gracious and refined mommy that I am, she heard me fart. She looked at me and made the potty sign for me too. Too funny!

1 comment:

The Havert Family said...

Impressive! When Mikayla heard you saying potty she did the her sign for potty to me, it made me laugh.
Great job Piper on both accomplishments!!