Monday, February 23, 2009

New Shelves and a Chipped Tooth

I bought some new shelves to put in Piper's room. She has so many books we're running out of space. She thought she would help me put them together, and fortunately didn't lose any of the pieces as she was rummaging through the parts bag. She loved putting the screws into the holes and banging on the wood with me. Now she has a lovely nine shelf unit in her bedroom to store her books and toys. I can only guess how long it will be before she decides to climb on top of them.

She is finally feeling better now after a long week of sickness. She only threw up one more time this week, but it was a daily battle to get her to eat anything or drink anything all week. I was really worried that she would get dehydrated, but she seems better now. However she chipped a tooth this weekend somehow, and now I'm on a mission to find a pediatric dentist to get it filed down. Fortunately it's not too bad, but it is rough on the edge. I just hope it's not cracked.

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