Thursday, March 5, 2009

They Might Be Giants

I ordered some DVD's and CD's from for Piper last week. One of the items I purchased was the They Might Be Giants cd/dvd combo pack called "Here Come the ABC's" and "Here Come the 123's". The music is very well composed and surprisingly easy to listen to. Unlike a lot of kids music it is not your sickenly sweet lyrics and pop melody that drives you crazy after listening to it over and over. I did a little research and apparently they won a Grammy this year for the "Here Come the 123's" cd. (Now you know I didn't watch that awards show.) They also compose music for adults as well as I discovered by visiting their webpage.

We watched "Here Come the 123's" the other night, but as usual, Piper still is rather picky about she will watch on t.v. She really enjoyed the music however. This is a video of her dancing to one of the songs called "Seven Days of the Week (I Never Go To Work)" She was a little distracted by her dry erase board and I thought she was going to fall over a couple of times because she was standing on a pillow. I still thought she was a good head bangetr though.


Skyehaven said...

I've loved TMBG since the early 90's when I was in college. They rock! It's funny how they got into doing children's music - it was self-defense because people were writing them telling them how much their kids loved listening to their CD's. Some of their adult music dealt with pretty intense themes, not appropriate for kids at all. So they decided to do a children's album and begged parents not to let their kids listen to the other CD's any more!

You've heard them before, btw, if you ever watched Malcom in the Middle. They did the theme song.

Hippie Mama Kelly said...

I too have always been a huge fan of TMBG! My kids were some of those listening to the adults cd's, and as soon as I could get the kids cd's from the library I grabbed them up! Both kids really dig listening to the music. They do prefer the 123's, and really liked watching the dvd's for both. I'm glad that you got them for Piper and she is kinda liking them.

Hippie Mama Kelly said...

Oh, and just to show you how dorky I really am. I got so excited to see a post with the title of They Might Be Giants!