Monday, March 16, 2009

Hiking at Holliday Park

We have had beautiful weather the last couple of days, and it is expected to last the week. I am really looking forward to spring. We took Piper to Holliday Park to play and walk in the woods by the river. All we saw of the wildlife were ducks, and I spotted a couple wildflowers that were in bloom already. She enjoyed running on the trails and playing with a stick in the water. I am definitely bringing her back this spring when all the flowers bloom for some great pictures.
The park also has an amazing playground, and Piper had fun climbing and playing. I think she will really like the "spiderweb" when she gets a little older. It is basically monkey bars made out of rope that is shaped like a pyramid. We didn't go into the nature center this time. I'll have to make sure we have time to go there in the future.


Harriet M. Welsch said...

What lovely pictures. I used to live at Holliday Park when I was a surly teen. I loved the ruins and the river. It was a lot seedier then than it is now -- it made my mother nervous, but she let me go there anyway!

Tabetha -n- Brian said...

Those are such nice pictures. I think I would like to go there. :)