Sunday, March 1, 2009

General Update

Age (in months, or years and months): 17 months
Physical abilities: Has started walking sideways, really funny to watch but I can't figure out where she picked this up? Loves to jump on the bed, but still not getting both feet up yet. Enjoys leaping into our arms when we least expect it. Last night she climbed up the back of the dining room chair like a ladder.
Speech/language: vocabulary, sentence length, etc: learning more words every day, probably about 70 words.
Reading/pre-reading: Can identify most objects in books now by either saying the name or pointing it out if we ask her where it is on the page.
Number stuff: Counts/shows on her fingers 1-2-3 when watching Sesame Street.
Other cognitive stuff: puzzles, reasoning, etc: Working on 6-12 piece puzzles. Is getting more adept on the computer and on my iPhone- very scary indeed!
Creativity: Still prefers her art time over most everything else. Drawing has become more focused and on a smaller scale, but I'm not real sure what she is trying to do. Loves to draw circles.
Imagination: Lots of pretend play with her kitchen and stuffed animals, although she is not really into her dolls. She likes to make her animals do crazy things like ride her tricycle or slide down the slide. They often kiss pictures in her books or talk on the phone with her. She is a big tease and will do silly things just to get your attention and then laugh, or act like she is going to give you a kiss and then run away.
Social:Doing better around other kids now and is not typically the aggressor. Does stand up for self though if threatened by holding arms out in front of her to keep other chid away. She is still a little possesive of community toys, but at least is not grabbing other kids' stuff.
Character/personality: Has been sick the last week or two and was very clingy to mommy. Did not want to go to grandma's house and cried when I left, which she never does. Since getting better, has become even more independent and willful, needing to do everything herself.
Anything else/other: Going to bed has started becoming a struggle again, although she is sleeping well all through the night. Next week is Daylight Savings Time and I am so dreading it, since I know she'll be up "late" and I'll be functioning on zero sleep at work.

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