Monday, July 20, 2009

A Month of Outfits

I was in this fun little contest challenging you to dress your child in a different outfit everyday for a month. You could repeat the top or bottom, but just not with the same piece as used before. My personal goal was to not repeat anything except for accessories or shoes. However I did actually repeat two of the shorts. Sadly, I could probably continue this contest for another month. The child has more clothes than I do, but she is so much more fun to dress. Here is our month of outfits.

social butterfly 7/19 Social Butterfly
happy rainbpw 7/18 Happy Rainbow
old navy 7/15 Old Navy
Hello Kitty Dress 7/14 Hello Kitty
Mermaid Magic 7/13 Mermaid Magic & TCP
jungle gem 7/12 Jungle Gem
hello kitty 7/11 Hello Kitty
pretty lady 7/10 Pretty Lady
watermelon picnic 7/9 Watermelon Picnic
GreenDog 7/8 GreenDog
Hello Kitty 7/7 Hello Kitty
Summer Islands 7/6 Summer Islands
Wild One 7/5 Wild One
4th 7/4 OshKosh
Photobucket 7/3 TCP
happy rainbow/TCP 7/2 Happy Rainbow & TCP
Daisy Days 7/1 Daisy Days
Fiesta del Sol 6/30 Fiesta Del Sol
cherry baby 6/29 Cherry Baby
target suit 6/28 Target Bathing Suit
target bathing suit 6/27 Target Bathing Suit
social butterfly bathing suit 6/26 Social Butterfly
WP 6/25 Watermelon Picnic
Palm Springs 6/24 Palm Springs
Flower Garden 6/23 Flower Garden
Mermaid Magic 6/22 Mermaid Magic
Watermelon Picnic 6/21 Watermelon Picnic
Tennis Match 6/20 Tennis Match
Happy Rainbow 6/19 Happy Rainbow
Photobucket 6/18 Pretty Lady


Jeni said...

A lot of cute pics! Jaxin has just as many clothes. I'm overwhelmed by how much I bought for his summer wardrobe! I plan on not buying near as much for this fall! I did use my gymbucks already though-I had $150, so I used them and got a bunch of stuff from the new dinosaur line and spent $80.

Michelle said...

Well, I had $125 of Gymbucks, but unfortunately can't afford to buy anything. They will probably go to waste. I can't even convince myself to spend 50 dollars right now and use some of them. I've got till Monday, so maybe. I don't know.