Friday, July 3, 2009

General Update

Age:21 months
Physical Abilities: marching, actual brushing of teeth not just sucking the toothpaste off J, jumps into pool and goes under water, can sort of throw a Frisbee, does an okay somersault, jumping off curbs and steps
Speech/language: vocabulary, sentence length, etc I have no idea on how many words now, up to a 1000 probably. She’s getting better at sentences, I’ve heard up to 5 words at a time, but usually it is 1-2 words. She is using the pronoun “I”, ie. I did it, I jumped, I stomped, I got it, etc.
Reading/pre-reading: points out letters all the time now but still only knows a few consistently. I have caught her “reading” her books pointing to the words and saying the story to herself. It is adorable to hear her using expression and sounding just like me. We are still reading tons of books everyday.
Number stuff: can count with actual numbers to 2, sometimes 3. This is a step up from her make believe number words she used to use. She counts all the time now but it usually goes 1,2,1,2,1,2,9! She also tells me frequently how many of something there is if it is only 1 or 2.
Other cognitive stuff: puzzles, reasoning, etc: really into using her shape sorter again for some reason, this is the category I always think about and see examples of daily, but can never remember them when it comes to writing them down.
Creativity: painting has turned into a big mess. She loves to mix colors and they usually end up like mud. Her coloring seems to be more concentrated on the pictures and not just random scribbles. Still very into drawing circles and dots.
Imagination: pretended her sunqlasses were a car the other day while shopping complete with vocalizations and everything. Loves to tease and pretend to make mistakes just to make us laugh.
Social: better with other kids, remembers names of friends/family now and asks for them all the time. Still prefers to play with boys over girls. Very possessive of her toys and lets everyone know they are hers.
Character/personality: so independent and doing everything herself, sweet and loving, Fearless!
Anything else/other: we tried PT but it didn’t go over so well. However since I stopped pushing it, she has become increasingly bothered and upset by her wet/dirty diapers, yet refuses to go on the potty chair.

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