Monday, July 27, 2009

Mini Fashion Show

Here are a couple of outfits I bought with my gymbucks at Gymboree. I wanted so much more, but the money isn't there right now, so I gave my extra gymbucks to my sister who was able to use them. Giving up 50% off is really hard though. I have white tights we'll use with the dress, just need shoes still, and I already had pink leggings that matched so I didn't have to buy those new. I'd like to get hair curlies, but we'll see if we can wait until they get marked down and I can use a coupon too. Another new line comes out today, but there aren't very many BG items I love. I might get a couple of KG but it depends on how small they run.


Morgan said...

Those are really cute outfits!

What are curlies?

Michelle said...

Thanks! Curlies are the hairbows that I put in her hair.