Sunday, July 26, 2009

Please Touch Museum

Yet another installment of our vacation in Pennsylvania. This time we visited the Please Touch Museum in Philadelphia. I thought it was a pretty nice children's museum that was definitely geared towards the younger kids. There were plenty of exhibits that were hands-on and practical for our young children. Piper was not in a very good mood that day, and was not wanting to share, but I think she still had a fun time.

We started out in Wonderland which had a fairy tale garden, the Mad Hatter's Tea Party, a maze and hall of mirrors. They liked the cooking area and the tea party.

Next we went to City Capers which was Piper's favorite place. Jaxin loved the construction area but she was melting down there and wouldn't play nice and share.
She absolutely had a ball in the supermarket and got to push a little shopping cart around a big store to shop for groceries. She filled her cart with all kinds of veggies, fruit, cereal, bread, and of course, chocolate syrup. I think she would have stayed in there all day. They also had a medical center that she played in for a little while and took care of a baby. Very sweet.
Another area in the museum was Roadside Attractions. There were cars to work on and build, a bus to drive and a city park. One of the exhibits was closed and was filled with balls. Guess who still managed to climb inside the plexiglass because she wanted to play with those balls? Not once, but twice did I have to drag her out of there. I can't believe she squeezed through that tiny space.

Flight Fantasy was a section where kids used their bodies to make things go. I thought it was a pretty interesting section. Some of the activities were a little big for our kids, like the hamster wheel, but they still found things to do. Piper loved this wheel that made the ball go up and then down a series of tracks.

The carousel was fun.

We saved the River Adventures until the very end, so that if the kids got wet, they wouldn't have to walk around all day like that. There was a water play area and a Woodland park. The lily pads were neat and made sounds when you stepped on them. Next to the park area was the giant floor piano like the one they had on the movie Big. They loved running back and forth on it making "music". Unfotunately, Piper didn't weigh enough to set off the sensors most of the time.

All in all it was a fun day. It inspired me to take her to our local Children's Museum more often.

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Sophie said...

What a fantastic vacation. City Capers looks like a brilliant place to visit. Piper looks like she had so much fun.