Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Incredible Pizza

They are always coming up with something new in terms of entertainment. Incredible Pizza was like a giant Chuck E. Cheese, but better. I was happy with how many little kid rides and activities they had available. Piper loved all of the rides and even went on a go-kart with grandma. They played putt putt and Colin played a few games.

The food wasn't bad, and since it was buffet style we ate, then played. then ate some more. :) Their theme was a 50's style, with a diner, a drive-in, and more areas to eat. We watched a movier in the "drive in" eating room starring Lucille Ball. Cheryl and I enjoyed the music too. If I lived closer I would probably join their Mommy and Me group that meets in the toddler area each week. Cheryl and I decided we would have to go back and just hang out all day next time.

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