Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Dutch Wonderland

Dutch Wonderland is a family amusement park located in Lancaster PA. The rides are restricted by height, but many of them were set up so that the parent could ride with a smaller child. Piper and Jaxin went on a few by themselves, but we went on several with them. They weren't too sure if they liked to go on them alone at first, and on one ride they had to stop it so we could get them off because they were upset. :( The first ride they went on together was Duke's Dozers. It seemed a little slow to the grown-ups, but they enjoyed it even if they didn't realize they could control the front loader.

Here are some of the other rides we went on:

Off Road Rally

Merry Go Round
Crazy Plane
Choo Choo Charlie
Fun SlideTugBoat


Wonderland Special
The TwisterWe also watched a pretty neat show called "A Dragon's Tale". It was a cute story about a princess and her jester defending the kingdom from an evil villain. They completed ripped off some concepts from Harry Potter, 24, and other current pop culture. All in all it was a cool diving performance. I couldn't believe how high up the one diver was diving from off the ladder.

There was a nice little park and walking area that we got several shots of the kids playing. They had small cars and animals for them to climb in and play.

I have more, but it's time consuming to upload. Check back later for our experience at the water park. They kids had a great time there.

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