Thursday, April 9, 2009

Easter Eggs

We decorated our Easter eggs tonight. I wanted something easy that only took one step. Have you seen the Easter coloring options lately? There's glitter, wax, stickers, plastic wraps, and more. Our kit was a basic dye pack with oil. It gave the eggs a tie-dyed look. All I had to to was dunk the eggs in a couple cups of water and we were done. Oh, and I also had to remove Piper from the top of the table every five seconds, and wipe up the spilled water, and save the eggs from being cracked or dropped, and so on.

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Jeni said...

Very cute pics! I love the last one. Looks like she had a lot of fun. We're coloring our eggs tonight w/ the SpongeBob kit-which has stickers, wraps and more. We'll use a couple of wraps and I figured I'd let Jaxin put as many stickers as he wants on one egg (that should be interesting). I'm also going to let him "color" on a couple w/ a white crayon then dye them. I like your tie-dyed eggs.