Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Latest Masterpiece

Here is Piper's latest art creation. This was the first time we had attempted to work on the same piece for more than one day. This one took three different days and she used a variety of techniques. I totally copied this idea from the season finale of Jon & Kate Plus 8. In their show they did it all in one day, but I couldn't get the foil technique to work right so we adapted. You were supposed to place foil over sections already done to preserve each technique and layer. However I discovered I must be doing something wrong because everything I put the foil on just smeared and totally messed up the cool thing she had just done. So after the first day we abandoned the foil and just let it dry to keep the layers intact.
Some of the techniques we tried were: fingers, pastry brush, paint brush, sponge wand, hairbrush, crumpled foil, and a plastic scrubber that you wash dishes with usually. She painted with tempera on a cotton canvas. I added some of the paint to the canvas at first, but then she squeezed the rest on by herself and added the final layer with the hairbrush. I did pick the colors: red, green, purple, and black (only on the last layer), but they were the only choices we had actually. Next time maybe I'll let her choose.

She had a lot of fun painting the canvas, but she had more fun painting herself. She was a complete mess by the end of each day and turned the bath water all sorts of fun colors.
BBC you can see the full slideshow by visiting my blog.


Tabetha -n- Brian said...

I think that is a really pretty painting! Honestly, I could see framing that and hanging in my house! lol!

And our anniversary is June 18th, by the way. :)

Tabetha -n- Brian said...

Brian really like the painting too. He said its really cool. :)

Jeni said...

Love it! Definitely a great project. I'll have to do this with Jaxin. I can't believe you let her paint on the walls too! Haha Jason would have heart failure if I let Jaxin do that! hehe

Michelle said...

Yeah well the paint on the walls has been there for a while. THAT happened one night when Erick was painting with her and he couldn't find any paper for her to paint on. So she adds to it occasionally. I'll have to post a pic of what it looks like now. We'll have to paint over it when we move.

Marty and Nicole Plus 1 said...

Hi- I'm a memember of the September 2007 Birth Club as well. Love the painting your daughter did! I have been wanting to have my daughter paint on canvas for a long time- now I'm inspired to do it soon :) Thanks!


Jessica said...

thanks so so much for posting this.

we are going to do it tomorrow.