Monday, April 20, 2009

Short and Sweet

Here are some more quick stories about my little monkey girl.

1. We took her on her first canoe ride last Friday. We went down to the canal, so it was basically safe and without any reason to worry that she could fall out of the boat. She wore her life jacket and looked so cute. She was completely content to sit on her seat and eat her french fries, until we got close to the fountain. It was so "pretty" and "bubbly." She also liked the ducks and all the lights.

2. We played at a new park on Saturday and she loved running around from swing to swing and climbing on everything. I got to practice with the settings on my new camera.

3. We did a free preview class at Gymboree on Saturday. She loved it and had a great time chasing the balls all over the place. She was a little overwhelmed by all the kids though, which just proves to me that I really need to get her some more socialization. She played (or observed) well with them and was not aggressive. She LOVED the bubbles. I must get one of the bubble blowers. It was very cool!

4. Sunday was the twins' birthday and party. She had fun playing with all their new and old toys and eating cake and ice cream. They are getting so big. So many April birthdays.

5. I can't believe this child's memory sometimes. We went to Meijer last night to grab a couple of things. We were walking down one aisle and Piper starts yelling "ABCD" over and over and trying to climb out of the cart. I figured out that she wanted this bear she had played with a couple months ago that sang the ABCs. So, then I got to walk around the store listening to her and the bear "singing".

6. Finally, here are the bunny glasses from Aunt Jeni:

She is infatuated with sunglasses by the way.

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